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The power of moon cycles.

The magical phenomenon without which we wouldn’t be alive: Women’s moon cycles. This is my moon story. This is the beauty I see in it all. I used to have very irregular cycles as my body started bleeding. It would range from a period of 2 weeks to 6 months, and sometimes 14 bleeding days straight. The doctor used to give me medicine to change that. It didn’t really change anything. Then I started taking the contraceptive pill at 17, thinking it was absolutely ok and healthy, and with that my body went to sleep. Bleeding mechanically, very regularly. Not much pain. Not much desire either. Many years later, I started becoming aware of the harm it was causing. Honestly, deep down, I just knew it. So I chose to end it, at 29. 12 years of control over my body’s natural rhythm. 12 years of forcing it to sleep. 12 years of experiencing the result of thousands of years of feminine/masculine imbalance hiding within every crack of our societies. When I quit, my cycles went back to irregular. And painful. But I didn’t care: I was free. I was literally thanking life every night that I didn’t have to take that thing anymore. And then, my awakening and reconnection to the knowing of our power - as conscious beings - came online. A new sense of trust was born within my body. As it started to integrate more and more, my cycles naturally started to become… fully regular. I couldn’t believe it. However, it still didn’t mean much to me. It’s only much later that my initiation to the power of the womb started, thanks to many wonderful women sharing this knowledge now. Oh the untold beauty of our cycles, oh the sacredness of bleeding. The shedding of the old, making space for the new. The quantum leaps that occur when we dance with (and not against) the process… is an initiation of embodiment that all beings get to do. For men have energetic wombs, too. Within the embracing of the cycles lies the acknowledgment of the feminine, the decolonization of our bodies, the rise of who we truly are, the healing of the feminine/masculine imbalance in ALL things. No more mind over matter: Mind and Matter, making love.

I realized that my early irregularities were simply the expression of a major imbalance within me.

I believe we are all constantly evolving towards more balance, but clearly the healing is real, because for 5 years now my cycle has been like clockwork.

These last several months, a quite special thing has happened: I’ve been bleeding in sync with the full moon. This phenomenon holds a very deep symbolic meaning…

The magical cyclical process of bleeding is all about shedding layers, letting parts of who I thought I was die, so that a more expanded version of me may be birthed.

And you may know that the full moon is the very moment that the entire earth and earthlings are going through the same kind of process, collectively.

The electromagnetic field of earth is such that during the full moon, it's a vibrational high, and many shadows come to the surface.

It is like the collective bleeding, the collective death sub-season, the collective winter that happens every 28 days. The collective opportunity for shadow illumination, for transformation, for shedding light onto the misalignments in the subtle realms that are creating dis-ease in the gross, the matrix.

So when I am experiencing my personal one simultaneously to the collective one, I’m holding space not only for my unique story’s pain, but also for the entire world’s.

And what it’s putting into light for me right now is the shadows that are in the way of speaking our truths, and we’re being invited to face them so that we can embody the light that knows we can.

Daring to say what feels true to us regardless of what is supposedly “acceptable” or “asked of you” or “trendy” requires an anchoring, a knowing of this unfailing light living within us that shines so bright that any conditioning dissolves in its presence.

This embodiment only happens when we allow ourselves to face our shadows, our fears. That is when the mystery of alchemy occurs. In the midst of the wound.

The full moon, and our death seasons in general are precisely supporting us to do so. Always.

This very message is the gold coming through from my alchemical process. I’m choosing to tell my moon story however taboo it may seem to many. We exist because our mothers have bled cyclically. After all, why couldn’t we talk about it?

I have so many more moon stories to share, but that’s it for now.

Dear world, rest at ease, and Know thy bliss: the priestesses of the Røse are here, alchemizing the pain that is. It is all taken care of. You may consciously choose to revel in the bliss of this relief. May you free yourself from the guilt and shame possibly preventing you to do so. May you learn to forgive YOURSELF, for the bliss of ALL.

Rafaëlle Cohen.

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