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The path of alignment to the Heart's Knowing

Updated: Apr 1

Why did I transform my acting career into a life of devotion to alignment, to my healing, and to being, in my own unique way, a safe space and guide for the healing of others?

Because it called me, without a clear understanding of 'why'. It did me, more than I did it.

And here's what I find beautiful about it.

Let's take a step back for a moment and look at the big picture: Until enough businesses - especially the most developed multinationals, but not only - choose the well-being of the planet and humanity as a whole, over wealth, we will be living in a dysfunctional world. 

Now, in order for that potent choice to be made:

- to not use this or that quicker but unhealthy product/method for land/animal farming,

- to not use this seemingly cheaper but harmful product/method for this or that technology, 

- to not use this or that wealth-increasing but fear-inducing addictive system for this or that service providing, 

- to not look at the immediate effects but rather the long term ones,

- etc..

whichever type of business it is, that new choice cannot happen without a complete shift of the entire paradigm within which the company operates.

And that, cannot happen unless enough members of that company - and enough consumers - have had this paradigm shift within themselves first. Because only then will they refuse to be a part of that way of operating, and only then will that company either dry out, or completely shift. 

For that individual member of the company to make that choice in spite of the earnings they gather from working there, a huge internal shift must be made. 

The same choice made at the scale of the billion dollar company must be first made at the scale of the individual, when they choose a job, when they find a partner, when they make life choices of all kinds. Just like in a company, do they choose an increase of wealth, an increase of perceived 'security', an increase of power 'over' another, an increase of 'ranking' for the sake of 'being the best', or do they choose the well-being of their land: their body, their mind, their deepest joy and health?

The companies that are making decisions for the entire planet, influencing everyone's way of functioning in the world, wether we like it or not, cannot and will not change their choices if there aren't enough individuals changing their personal choices first, and aligning to what makes them come deeply alive.

Which, by the way, mysteriously enough, would be an incredible win-win-win situation across the board because life is holistically designed that way! It has been exposed time and time again by numerous scientists and experts, in any domain of this world, that a system that acknowledges the whole, and is respectful to life,  gains even more abundance through the combination of all the parts of the whole working holistically together than if each does their own thing separately in their corner, trying to outrank the other.  

What is truly joyous/peaceful/aligned to a human's heart is actually also deeply enriching and beneficial for the well-being of all in ways that are unfathomable.

The earth and humans and all living beings were built that way! A toroidal field of deliciousness overflows, if we let it, within each part of the whole, and within the whole itself. Like a 3 dimensional fractal of toroidal fields. (The heart organ is actually the center of the human being's toroidal electromagnetic field, by the way). 

But it takes a courageous choice to begin aligning to that toroidal field, to individually begin choosing according to the heart's knowing. At this stage of human evolution, there is so much distortion in understanding what a heart's knowing even means that it's difficult to open that door. "Oh so I love chocolate so now I must eat chocolate all the time?" No this would be a means of distraction, trying to keep you from feeling your feelings. "Oh so I love writing so now I'm going to abandon the family I was providing for, to be a penniless writer?" Of course not, but maybe start considering options to make a smart and sustainable shift into the writing field while slowly stepping out of the comfort zone that was not fulfilling you, yes. (Listening to a heart's knowing comes with discernment skills).

Understanding what 'aligned to the heart' means, and living by it, takes educating oneself on how a human body-mind actually works, and then engaging in healing practices that will allow one to even hear what the heart is saying through the noise of the mind, and eventually, naturally move from the heart. Those healing practices are all about undoing the conditionings and fears about lack (of safety, of love, of security, of inner power), the generational woundings, the limiting beliefs about what is possible, the trauma responses stored in the body/mind holistic system, and replacing them with a healthy, safe, peaceful, and connected system.

Again, it's a fractal, in order for the world to function in holistic abundance, every integral part of the world, human beings included, must attune their individual way of functioning, their health, their life choices to holistic inner-abundance, like the eastern cultures have known for thousands of years.

So I'm here with my words, my sounds, and my being, aligning day by day a little more to my heart's knowing, letting it guide me.

Ultimately, without knowing how to express it then, that's what lead me to abandon a totally pre-designed engineering career to study architecture, that's what lead me to abandon a noble architecture career to become a musical theatre performer and film actress, that is what lead me to then chose to devote my life to realignment and that is what lead me to write these words today. 

And even if everything has dramatically, and sometimes painfully, changed for me, I wouldn't change an instant of my path, because walking the path of trust in the heart's knowing is the truest bliss.

In love, 


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