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The unfathomable power of forgiving yourself.

This is an extremely powerful message. I invite you to check in, and be aware of your breath as you read. :)

I am a Cohen. A direct descendent of the High Priests, from the lineage of Elisheba, and Aaron: Moses’s brother.

And, in a way, I feel that I am a high priestess too. I see myself as a guardian of Oneness: the highest perspective of all. Because although I am very human and totally imperfect, I somehow have a mysterious access to that perspective, and when it comes to me, I now choose to share.

Oneness, what is it briefly? Can't be put into words, but a pointer would be that at the core, we are all One, everything is One, comes from One Source, and disappears into the same Source. As I see it, and I write about it in a French blog post, this is what monotheism is originally about: One God, One Source creator, within everything and everyone. Which is why to me this God, God, is all encompassing: all gods of all faiths are an aspect of The god. There’s no fight or competition here. Only different facets of the same diamond. That is why I do not believe in the need to follow one holy text rather than another. They all say the same thing in different words. And I see the beauty in all of them. In addition, the original meanings of the holy texts have been so distorted over the centuries that I do not follow any religion at all.

Although I am part of the Jewish people, I actually truly love Jesus/ Yeshua’s message, for example.

He talks a lot about forgiveness.

Recently, it was Yom Kippour. The day of Atonement, in Judaism.

Yes this day is about forgiveness. But to me this day is very different from “asking to be forgiven”.