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And humanity sighed in relief.

The Earth LOVES us. Right now. In spite of what we’re doing. She couldn’t care less about what we’re doing.

The natural disasters she’s giving us right now are not to be taken as punishment of our “wrong-doings”. What she is giving us right now is just a little (big) push, like a mother would to a child who’s afraid of walking up a step.

And she’ll be fine. She doesn’t need us to worry about her. What is happening is that it’s time for us to remember something and as an ally she is shaking us a little so that our memories get back into place, that’s all.

There’s no guilt to be had.

It’s not about making things right, or the way they’re ‘supposed to be’.

We’re invited to let them be what they can be.

At the moment, according to the estimates of the most advanced scientists, we’re headed towards extinction in about 30 years.

I know, it’s a lot to take in. But what’s more mind-blowing is that we don’t need to do anything about it. What’s even more mind-blowing is that the very thing causing the phenomenon is our belief that we do.

At the moment, most humans believe that we’ve done something “wrong” and we need to make things “right” again.

What if we were actually never wrong? What if we were perfect all along? What if all we need to put our energy into is being okay with the idea that it might be the very end and loving every moment like there’s nothing to mend?

Our only answer here resides in slowing down. Way down. So much so that our minds might go crazy. Just like in the lockdown.

I’ve been in lockdown mode for several years now. I call it awakening to the truth of who We Are. It’s a time when nothing else can happen but the waiting, the observing, the introspecting. A chrysalis. A cocoon. A moment in time when everything we thought we were cannot remain anymore, and we need to let the change happen.

This is what we are all invited to do right now: to enter the cocoon and let the undoing happen. We are invited to learn how to live in this dream world of freedom, power and trust that our hearts have always known. The mind was never the knower. Our heart knows who We really Are, without proof. We’re being invited to see what connects us and not what puts us in competition.

Many are now labelling recycling as “right” and polluting as “wrong”, or eating vegan as “right” and eating processed meat as “wrong”, or biking to work as “right” and flying in an airplane as “wrong”.

The solution we are seeking does not belong to the realm of duality or competition that our minds live in. The issue at hand needs to be considered from another point of view altogether, because within duality (“right & wrong” world), the fight cannot be anything but endless. None can win, for one cannot exist without the other. And in competition world, there will always be someone “better”.

It’s about stepping out of the duality of the mind all together.

It is about remembering who we are, seeing that we are way above that. It’s about remembering that there is not a possibility for us to do wrong. Nobody out there is going to judge us. There was always only Us, who we truly Are.

And what is killing us right now is our forgetting of this beautiful truth, for centuries, for millenia, and all the systems we invented as a result. It is our false belief that we are worthless unlovable powerless wrong-doers that has been perpetuated and passed down from generation to generation. What is killing us is our own belief that we lack, that we need, that we must compensate for all of that constantly, by over consuming, by obsessing over things that will seem to keep us full and satisfied and pretty.

It is not true that we lack anything, it never has been, and it never will be, it can not be. We have always had everything we needed inside of us. It’s the belief that we didn’t that made us invent and create objects and systems that interfered with the natural blissful powerful flow of Life. As a consequence, we pollute, destroy, and we put ourselves in a position where it does seem that we lack, and need things. And so the cycle continues. Of course the belief will keep confirming itself, and manifest as a reality until we realise it was our own forgetting (of our wholeness) that made it happen.

But it is not a fatal confirmation of our wrongness. We can reverse it. We can re-attune with that powerful flow and benefit from the natural ecosystem that was conceived for us to thrive in abundance on Earth.

Attune. Atone.

This is where it starts: seeing that we were never broken. Seeing that we were never wrong.

It’s wonderful news, really! Our only duty right now is to tune into the forgiveness that was already given. To tune into the ecstatic gratitude that is the nature of who we are.

Who we are is what you feel when you smell a rose, when you cross a bridge and turn your head and suddenly you see a sunset reflecting in the water and you’re awe-struck, it’s what you feel in the split second when you deeply know without real proof that everything is truly going to be alright. It is the love you have for animals, plants, Earth, the cosmos, that inexplicable connection you feel with them. That Beauty, is who we really Are. And if we just slowed down, we would allow ourselves to feel it, and get back into the flow of Life.

We are exactly on purpose, we have never been wrong, we were this beautiful loving powerful being all along (and we didn’t know it).

Even this long forgetting is exactly on purpose and not wrong. It was necessary to push us to our edges, to give us the strength to leap into a new embodiment of who we really Are, and thus become the new version of human evolution.

In other words: WE’RE DOING GREAT!

All we need to « do » right now is to learn how to « be » that which we are, and undo the beliefs that made us do so much.

Our non-knowledge of who we are, is what is now killing us. That is the darkness. It is not wrong, it is a non-knowing. It is the true meaning of the original sin. Not something wrong, just a forgetting.

In truth it doesn’t matter, this is just one cycle of a huge video game we’re playing. Who we really are will never stop being, and we will find other ways of incarnating as living beings.

But we still have a way of saving ourselves and experiencing the free blissful powerful life that humans were meant to experience, with our beautiful complex minds, with our beautiful dancing bodies, and our beautiful singing voices, with our beautiful creative hands…

Don’t you want to try and keep it going?

There are so many ways to learn how to not-do and just be. So many books, so many teachings, so many modalities, so many healing facilitators whose only purpose here is to support your transformation, help your body release the stored memories of an old way of functioning. It is the message hidden in all the sacred texts.

Key words for your internet search are consciousness, oneness, unity, empowerment, self-love, awareness, meditation, present moment, quantum leap, alchemy, dna activation, epigenetics, and many more…

You don’t need to understand why or how or what, you just need to learn how to safely feel your way back home to You. Feel how painful it is to live in this attitude of wrongness and guilt and shame all the time. It’s creating our dis-eases, it’s creating our addictions, it’s creating global warming and humanity’s extinction.

Feeling that pain will ignite a fire that will fuel your strength to leap out of the dual realm.

It’s going to be uncomfortable to re-attune. Because all the beliefs that have kept us from aligning with our true nature and would make us do do do and judge all the time, are not going to disappear just like that. They were here to be seen all along. Like lost children of ours. The work of seeing them is what is going to be uncomfortable. But it’s one of those huge discomforts that are intense but temporary and so necessary because on the other side there’s a whole new feeling of bliss waiting for you. Kind of like giving birth. Or cracking a bone connection.

We’re going to give birth to ourselves. We’re going to reconnect.

Many of us have already started, you’re not alone. So much has been built already among the humans who are awakening, and we’re here to help.

We’re golden. We always have been.

We are Alchemists.

All is One.

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