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You can never know the truth.

For as long as I can formulate these kinds of thoughts, my mind has been searching for an answer to this existence. I remember asking my father when I was about 6 or 7. What’s the point of this? What is it for? Why are we alive? The answer was...vague to say the least.

To this day, my mind thinks about it all. The. Time.

But one can never know the truth.

Our minds were never built for it.

Although it seems to be what the mind keeps looking for, it’s the one thing it will never know.

The mind cannot know the truth because the mind’s very fundamental role is to divide the truth to conquer this world, to shrink the truth into something that it can understand so that it can navigate this realm and survive in it.

In fact, the actual truth could not be comprehended by the mind as it is.

It would be like asking a screw driver to understand the brain of the human operating it. It’s far beyond its scope of abilities. The screw driver is only here to drive a screw into the piece of material before it, and only when the human manipulating it decides to do so. Period.

We are only here to navigate this world in the most pleasant way possible, in a timing and rhythm that our mind simply cannot comprehend or control.

In fact, thinking we can understand the truth with our minds is what is destroying us.

We think we know so much. We think we know how to get what we need, by building systems, organizations, and physical constructions that, on the outside, seem to be providing us with it. But it merely attempts to mimic the mysteriously divine ecosystem that already exists.

We think we can control outcomes, and create our “pleasant living” with our own super intelligent minds…

In other words, the screwdriver thinks it has evolved into a scientific and technologic level of advancement so high that it can build the drawer, and it’s building it. And it’s proud of it. Not realizing it’s destroying all other resources on its way there.

The truth is that the mind only needs to surrender to the flow of where it’s being taken, and life will be so fulfilling, and everyone wins, the screwdriver screws, and when it doesn’t screw, it rests, and that’s that. But nooooo, how dare we fall so low, right? Not controlling everything when we’re so smart? Absurd. Right?

Well.. how’s that working for us? Maybe not so well?

We have no idea (with our minds) how to create our pleasant living.

And there’s no great bearded man in the sky who knows either…

It’s who you (and I) really are, that knows.

Yes, I love to break it to you, we are not our minds.

What we are cannot be explained in words – for it is the truth. But let’s say an approximation would be that we are a great power that knows how to use who we think we are as tools to experience life, and create a heaven-on-earth kind of pleasant living, in billions of different ways (almost 8 billion for humankind, and then there’s all the other living beings).

We are consciousness, playing an immersive role play. This is a collective game. Each one has a specific and unique role to play in the team. We’re in it together, and there’s no other way. We either learn this, align to it, and act accordingly, or we die. (But then we’re back in other forms, don’t worry, that great power won’t stop desiring to ex-ist and experience life).

The current disasters we’re currently experiencing on earth are only here by us, for us. For us to break down the walls that are seemingly keeping us separate in our perception of ourselves. We are made to be separate beings in this experience, it is so wonderful to be separate and have the freedom to be a unique expression of Consciousness, but we do not need to identify with the character we’re playing, we can just play with it while knowing who we are, and just have a blast.

So yeah, fundamentally, we are just One thing. And that One thing has great power.

And it doesn’t need us to do anything, it will be fine.

It’s just that we have this AMAZING opportunity to align to the knowing of being it, and living heaven on earth as a result, that’s all. It won’t be offended if we don’t lol.

That’s the greatest misunderstanding, still identifying as a separate being that needs to do well by the rules of spirituality. You don’t need to do anything, you Are everything. Nobody’s going to judge you. That’s still thinking we’re separate. You either align to that knowing and enjoy the show, or don’t and live in hell. But it’s on you. Oh yeah, if you haven’t read that before, heaven and hell are on earth and nowhere else. It’s a frequency. It’s about how aligned to the knowing you are. Basically, are you ready to surrender? And your time to be ready can’t be forced either. That’s the irony of the whole game. You gotta surrender even to the timing of when you’ll learn how to surrender. Innit fun?

One day you just do, and you sit back and watch your life become heavenly on its own. Not only pleasant…blissful, abundant, ecstatic, safe, free, full of confidence and a sense of power…

But my god all the inner work that needs to be done before that…phew. It requires continuously choosing surrender over control, love over fear. And that means millenia of deconditioning: undoing all the neurological programming that keeps echoing memories of “I’m not safe” “the world is separate from me, and it is dangerous” “I am only this separate body”, etc, in our nervous systems.

Those of us who have been on the path for a while are here to help.

Cause we’re either all doing it together or not doing it at all, remember?

We’re One.

The magical thing about this whole story is that we were meant to get caught into that programming. It was all part of the game: we came here to be the embodiment of what it means to learn how to find the connection again – to our innate safety, love, oneness with all things, the I AM – from the inside. Individually. We came here to be the ones who Know Who We Are.

And for that to happen, we needed to be tested in all the other ways, frightened to death, pushed against the wall, provoked to believe in the opposite(s) of Truth in the harshest of ways, so that our only option would be to become the Truth, surrender our controlling thinking to find the trust within.

So, if you have a mind like mine, you’ll see that the constant questioning about the truth of what the f we’re doing here, is a gift. It’s the call to remember to dance back to surrender, wonder, and awe, each and every time.

What a joy to be playing “with you”.

Rafaëlle Cohen

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