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We were meant to forget who we are.

If you are often anxious about money, about health, about safety, if you have trouble finding hope these days, if you believe you need someone to feel loved, it is okay. There is nothing wrong with you. Most humans aren't aware of the treasures they truly have hiding within them, and how those treasures can help. Most humans don't know their true origins.

The thing is, their true origins are completely linked to how

Safe & Healthy,

Secure & Creative,

Powerful & Unique,

Lovable & Worthy,

Free & Expressed,

Confident & Knowledgeable, and

Peaceful & Connected they feel.

Being in a state of oblivion, they are walking around without really knowing where they stand on each of these aspects of life, let’s call them AOL. However, these aspects are so fundamental, that most humans spend their lives seeking relief through a physical manifested proof of having them.

This state of oblivion has been there for so long it has become a social norm to seek those proofs. People do it for a living, and almost all businesses, institutions, organizations and economies have built their entire existence around this need for proof. Almost everything that exists has sprouted from this eternal search that humans have become experts at: armies, life insurance, pharmaceuticals, steady jobs, competitions, hierarchy, recognized diplomas, rewards, politeness, morals, laws, media, science, studies, living in nature, gatherings and parties, are just examples of what most humans take part in, just for the relief of feeling the AOL: safe, secure, powerful, loved etc.

All the while forgetting that they already have them, and always have, due to their origins.

The paradoxical and magical fabric of this world is such that not remembering their origins makes humans behave in ways that cause somewhat chaotic situations, which seem to confirm the fact that they are in constant danger, thus convincing them even more of the necessity to seek relief outside of themselves instead of by remembering their origins. And so they run in circles, thinking they’re constantly fixing things, when they’re just unknowingly creating the problem and then seemingly finding solutions.

The human psyche has developed in such a way that it is now wired to unconsciously enjoy the fear of not being safe, the fear of disease, the fear of never having enough money, the fear of not being special, the fear of not being worthy (shame), the fear of not doing the right thing (guilt), the fear of not being loved, the fear of not being free, the fear of not having one’s place, the fear of not being sure (doubt), the fear of not being connected (loneliness)… not out of pure masochism, but for the thrill of the discovery of whether or not the deeply sought relief will come, the excitement of the journey towards the reassurance that they are indeed safe. A hero’s journey.

Humans will go through situations that make them feel those fears over and over again, just for the thrill, each time. In fact, for no other reasons do humans experience that. It actually has nothing to do with the circumstances, it could be any situation, as long as there’s a fear of some sort that specifically speaks to them, their minds will attach them to it in a way so that they can feel that fear, so that they can find relief after. It’s a form of addiction.

As the essential knowing of our origins seems to not be making its way through to our mental bodies, the latter has built a whole system of programs to make up for the lacking piece of crucial information.

Our entire way of living on earth today is based on this lack of knowing.

Do you fathom how huge the joke is?

It seems humans have been awfully played, doesn’t it?

But that’s where it gets truly magical…

That missing piece of fundamental information, that connection that isn’t happening, that forgetting of our origins, is not just something that can be remedied in the snap of a finger. It is so essential to our existence, that it is meant to be integrated into all of our cells, into our functioning, into our fundamental instincts, into our core.

And it cannot be integrated that deeply in less than all the time it needs to do so.

In fact, we are not being played at all.

What if…

It isn’t that we forgot something and then spent thousands of years going crazy because of it. It’s that we were meant to not know it from the start, so that we can get on that very journey of rememberance, which happens to involve doing ‘crazy” non aligned stuff in the process.

What if that was precisely what we were here for?

To remember.

What if remembering our forgotten origin was in fact our destination?

What if it was indeed a Truth that was always there, but that we decided to incarnate in order to have the experience of embodying it fully?

What if we actually needed all of these lifetimes of forgetting and acting out of so much fear, creating and perpetuating trauma from generation to generation, carrying them through karmic cycles, in order to build the rememberance from within, taking all this time to let the knowing of the Truth to seep into all of our layers: physical, emotional, mental, ethereal,…?

What if we were just one level of evolution, babies, learning the rules of the game, so that our next stage, toddlers, our human 2.0, can actually play it?

What if it were a necessary stage? What if we had consciously chosen to forget, in order to play the game of remembering because of the bliss that comes with it?

What if we were never played at all, because we were the ones playing ourselves in the first place?

What if there was no way we could even be unsafe and unloved, because we ARE the inventors of the game in which those concepts exist, creating both the fullness and the lack of it to experience the difference and appreciate it?

Take guilt, for example. Have you ever truly inquired within you what guilt was about? Every action you think you are guilty of, when you truly inquire within, you realize you always do it to protect yourself or another from something you truly believe might kill you or them. In that moment, you deeply believed you were under attack in some way, and you had no other option. It is always a case of self-defense, the details of which are just deeply hidden within the psyche. Last time I checked, self-defense is not guilty.

But when you truly realize how much you enjoy the feeling of relief of not being guilty, you realize you enjoy it to the point of unconsciously creating situations that make you feel guilty, so that you can maybe one day experience the relief of realizing you are not it. When you get to that realization, it automatically discredits the story, and it starts pointing you towards the reason why you keep repeating the same patterns with different characters each time, the root being the forgotten truth of who you are, that seeming lack in your core, that you constantly seek to fill, and by bringing light to that, you do the very filling, from within this time, with Light. And then you stop unconsciously needing to do things that make you feel guilty. That is what is called healing.

And it is exactly the same for all fears, not only guilt (the fear of having done something wrong), you can decline this to absolutely all the fears.

You are an Alchemist.

We are One.

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