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We were meant to forget who we are.

If you are often anxious about money, about health, about safety, if you have trouble finding hope these days, if you believe you need someone to feel loved, it is okay. There is nothing wrong with you. Most humans aren't aware of the treasures they truly have hiding within them, and how those treasures can help. Most humans don't know their true origins.

The thing is, their true origins are completely linked to how

Safe & Healthy,

Secure & Creative,

Powerful & Unique,

Lovable & Worthy,

Free & Expressed,

Confident & Knowledgeable, and

Peaceful & Connected they feel.

Being in a state of oblivion, they are walking around without really knowing where they stand on each of these aspects of life, let’s call them AOL. However, these aspects are so fundamental, that most humans spend their lives seeking relief through a physical manifested proof of having them.

This state of oblivion has been there for so long it has become a social norm to seek those proofs. People do it for a living, and almost all businesses, institutions, organizations and economies have built their entire existence around this need for proof. Almost everything that exists has sprouted from this eternal search that humans have become experts at: armies, life insurance, pharmaceuticals, steady jobs, competitions, hierarchy, recognized diplomas, rewards, politeness, morals, la