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We're Okay. Everything is going divinely...

This is the message that comes to me over and over again, all the time, everywhere, so here it is... again:

Who we are at the core (before being human) is Harmony. We, as humans, can either attune to this knowing, or deny and resist it. But our choice won't change the fundamental fact. We are Harmony.

And harmony feels like being in love, it feels like bliss, it feels like trust, it feels like flow. Dis-ease, war, injustice are horrifying things that are indeed happening in this reality, and not to be denied, but they are merely messengers indicating that we are forgetting who we are, so that we can make a change: remember. At the core of who we are, no harm is made, nothing is broken. Ever.

So really, the path of remembering this is not about having to do anything externally or internally. It’s really an undoing, a conscious choice to remember to remember as often as one can, to surrender and to let harmony BE, to let life dance us.

(Then, the dance may take us towards doing something! but not as a "have to or else I'll be punished/guilty" kind of doing, more so as a "this is what is truly calling me, this is what the fire of remembering who I am calls me towards and doing it or not doing it won't change anything about my inner sense of wholeness, harmony, worthiness or safety" kind of doing.)

But when the body and mind have been trained for years and even lifetimes to always do and save ourselves from something (shame, guilt, danger, lack..), it’s a whole process to unlearn all of this and relearn not to do so much.

If we are harmony, why did we get lost into saving ourselves from something for thousands of years, you might ask?

There are a million answers to this question. From the highest perspective, my favorite one, it is because this is simply part of the embodiment process: you go too far to learn the boundary and then retrieve. You go too far, you retrieve, you go too far, you retrieve. On and on. Always closer and around the aim. Which never ceases to be at the center of the process. It’s unattainable. There’s always more precision to find. It’s something to tend to. Not to reach. It is an oscillation process. A spiral, just like every process of growth in this existence. (It still blows my mind how everything is a fractal mirror of everything.)

The world is going through a huge retrieving process right now, after many millennia of growth and going too far (on the high scale of things). It’s backing out, tiring out, that’s all. We simply can't keep pretending to be who we are not, or at least a too far away version of who we are.

The aim we’re reaching for is the absolute harmony that we are at the core and never ceased to be - in the physical. But again, we'll never reach it in the physical. The process of going towards it without ever reaching it in this existence is the process of material embodiment of that unnameable harmony.

Does “unnameable” ring any bells? That’s right, this is what humans call the divine. The One that cannot be named. Not because it’s forbidden (one of the many false fearbased interpretations) but because it is simply impossible for it is too big for words. It is what we are at the core, eternally (the light, the Father in the judeo-christian culture). And it is what we choose to forget by incarnating, so that we can eternally try to reach it, experience it, embody it more and more inside the matrix (the matter, the Mother) and be the light experiencing the love. But we never stopped being IT, at the core, and can never fully embody it at the same time.

This IT as I said, is of the likes of absolute harmony. It’s not an object, or a being, it’s a frequency of everything resonating with everything. And in human, it feels like pure bliss. Maybe you've had glimpses lately. Of course all of these are pointers because it is unnamable.

But the world clearly can not go on while ignoring the next step to take in that direction. That’s what’s going on. And it’s all okay. Many souls have gone through the process in advance to help guide the others. We’re going to be okay. But it’s going to take ugly events - which have clearly already started - to get people who are so habituated to do do do and achieve achieve achieve and protect themselves from an illusionary fear of lack and danger, to finally rest at ease and surrender. It’s going to take a LOT. But it’s the only way we’re going. Because it's who we are. So we’ll make it. One tiny step at a time. Everything will be fine. For the moment, if you feel the call, follow your instinct, take time away from the noise, from the have to’s, the shoulds and the what ifs. It will benefit you for what’s to come. If you don’t feel the call don’t force yourself, just do your thang. The time will come. You will know. Don’t worry.

We are IT. No matter what. We will remember. We’ve got this. We’ve got all the codes inside. All of us. And by the way, no one is more special than another. Everyone is IT. Some of us just came early to help with the transition.

The foolishness of the fools who think they can control others will burn down just like the rest. Only their pure heart will remain.

Rafaëlle Cohen


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