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I was in Mount Shasta yesterday, and it had snowed.

I stepped into a piece of lawn covered in untouched snow and I felt so much pleasure stepping into it, being the first one to touch this big white clean surface of immaculate snow.

And I thought: “oh wow that must be what men must feel when they are the first ones penetrating a virgin”.

It’s true! Being the very first one has been, and still is, a very praised position. I mean there are million dollar underground businesses created around that fact. It used to be the supreme privilege for a man.

And yesterday i sort of had a hint of what it may feel like. And I wondered, why is it so pleasurable? When you think about it, once you’ve stepped in it, you’ve ruined the untouched-ness of the snow, you’ve ruined the virginity of the maiden! “What a vile pleasure to destroy purity like that!”, I thought. “How come we get pleasure from it?” I wondered.

And the answer came through: the pleasure is to be wrapped up in the purity. That purity is so full of beauty that we want to be filled by it, by nesting in it, by mixing with it, by being one with it. We want to be a part of it, we want to have that privilege. And so we do. And then, as always when we do things unconsciously just because of a blinding attraction, there is shame. The climax drops. We’d rather not even look at it anymore because it brings up too much discomfort.

Ha. But here’s the other reflection I had:

The thing is, as always, it’s really just a matter of perspective. What if penetrating something that it untouched for the first time didn’t actually stain it? What if it were actually a preciously gifted opportunity for Alchemy? Stepping into the snow and leaving footsteps gives the piece of lawn a story to tell. It has gained some depth. Someone was here, something happened. The woman who has exchanged energy with a man on such a deep level is a new woman, she has opened herself to new layers, new frequencies.

All of a sudden, the virginity has died, but only to give birth to a new kind of deep, fascinating story and character.

In our society, it is believed that a virgin is stained by that, that the purity is lost and that it is something to be ashamed of, like stepping into the snow creates darker footprints and in our society, maybe unconsciously, it’s also thought to be a shame.

But what if we saw it differently? What if like in Japanese culture, we saw it as a vase glued back together with gold. What if, indeed, the purity and intactness of it was broken, but only to become more interesting, more fascinating, with a story, a path, an enriching experience, a lesson that touches others? It’s our choice to see it like that or not.

We can be empowered by the experience, or disempowered by it, we can choose to see it as something that has stained us, or something that couldn’t even if it tried. And in the latter version, we become even more powerful than before, more rooted in our power.

In truth, all stages of life are beautiful, the maiden, the experienced one experiencing life, and the wise one telling her stories and lessons. No one stage is better than the other. The rigid wounded masculine energy that our society is still living in, believes that everything should always stay a certain way: the maiden way. Everything and anything else is shameful. Well, here is the power of the feminine energy (within us all) stepping up: we have the choice to see it differently, to unconditionally love all stages of life, to love change, and thus to reclaim the power that was seemingly taken away from us.

It’s always all a matter of perspective. That is the Alchemy of Life: “Thanks to what has come through me, I get – difficult but so freeing – opportunity to remember the Untouched Power and Light that I Am regardless of what I experience.”

We all have the choice to see things this way. And make Art out of our experiences – like draw something beautiful in the snow ;).

The feminine energy of the world (within us all) receives everything no matter what. Boundaries cannot protect from the masculine energy (within us all) that gives, in a too aggressive way sometimes. The feminine receives anyhow. Just by existing in this dual universe. Therefore, the feminine LIVES in vulnerability. It is our shift of perspective that is our boundary setting: it’s our choice to see and KNOW that nothing can stain the Power and Light and Love that we are.

That choice is our superpower. That is what our true boundary setting is. Not building a wall, not shaming perpetrators because we can’t deal with the pain of our own shame, no. JUST. OUR. PERSPECTIVE. Our perspective on the pain we are going through (shift the story: in truth, it cannot stain us), on what happened (shift the story: in truth, it cannot stain us), on the perpetrator’s beliefs about us (shift the story: in truth, it cannot stain us). And that, my dear human, is the true power of Alchemy.

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