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I was in Mount Shasta yesterday, and it had snowed.

I stepped into a piece of lawn covered in untouched snow and I felt so much pleasure stepping into it, being the first one to touch this big white clean surface of immaculate snow.

And I thought: “oh wow that must be what men must feel when they are the first ones penetrating a virgin”.

It’s true! Being the very first one has been, and still is, a very praised position. I mean there are million dollar underground businesses created around that fact. It used to be the supreme privilege for a man.

And yesterday i sort of had a hint of what it may feel like. And I wondered, why is it so pleasurable? When you think about it, once you’ve stepped in it, you’ve ruined the untouched-ness of the snow, you’ve ruined the virginity of the maiden! “What a vile pleasure to destroy purity like that!”, I thought. “How come we get pleasure from it?” I wondered.

And the answer came through: the pleasure is to be wrapped up in the purity. That purity is so full of