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Transmission from Oneness to the Warriors of Light.

Dernière mise à jour : 19 déc. 2020

It is not possible for us to do wrong.


* It is what we believe that becomes true *

We are the creators of this life.

We are the “I AM” Light, living as each and every one of us, experiencing this life with as much freedom and joy as we consciously choose to trust in that fact.

Read it again: We are experiencing this life with as much freedom and joy as we consciously choose to trust in that fact.

It’s as though we had prepared an infinity of gifts for ourselves, then consciously decided to erase our memories (we “flashythinged” ourselves) and put clues everywhere four ourselves, hidden in other people, so that we go on this treasure hunt called life, that requires connecting with others to get their clues, and then find the gifts and receive them like a divine orgasm of bliss.

The more we cultivate, attune and align to the remembrance of this knowing, the more we receive all the miracles and gifts awaiting us.

When we don’t attune to it, indeed we suffer, simply because being out of this alignment IS suffering in itself. It is living in denial of who we are. Of course we’re going to suffer! But it was never because we’re doing something wrong!

Transgender humans are perfect representations of this concept: they are told their entire life they are something that they are not and feel miserable, until they finally realize who they are and live in their truth, which is so liberating.

Living as who we are, we are not connected to a well of abundance: we ARE the well of abundance. The very fact of allowing our nervous systems to relax into that knowing IS the gift. Let it live within you for long enough, and life starts to flow through you, actions are taken on inspiration, and it so happens to be exactly what was needed for someone else and ourselves in that very moment. And you start seeing gifts everywhere around you. That is the magic of life available to us if we just decide to trust!

A choreography by the divine.

In this pocket of existence in space and time we invented for ourselves, we decided to forget so that we can feel the bliss of having a unique journey among others, feel the bliss of connection after disconnection, of remembering after forgetting, have the experience of contrast and play in flow state, receive the joy of being creators as it manifests before our eyes, but at the cost of experiencing the opposite as well.

The fractal experience we will get is either a dark downward spiral or a holy grail of bliss depending on what we choose to believe. But what we choose to believe does become true. So now it’s up to us to choose which way we want the circle to go.

There is no wrong and right because there is nobody out there judging what we’re doing and punishing our rewarding us. WE ARE IT. We are the creators of this experience, and where we are on the multidimensional spectrum of our alignment with that knowing is our reward/punishment.


* Nothing is actually wrong, even harming someone *

Now, you might say, for all those years we’ve lived as separate beings, there has been a lot of suffering, history shows just how much hurt we can cause to one another. To which I respond YES, that is very true, and saying it is wrong actually makes it worse.

Harming another is and can only be the result of forgetting who we are.

In truth, when you hurt someone you hurt yourself, because you and that someone are one and the same, expressed as two different beings. Adding the energy of blame and shame on that is suggesting, once again, that there is something outside of us judging us. It vibrates at the frequency of separation, of forgetting, and it is therefore giving the possibility of hurting again more power, more weight.

The existence of a separate being controlling us was never true, people who had forgotten who we are transmitted that, and the only ones who can believe in that are people who have forgotten too. All frequencies that are alike attract each other. We were meant to forget, and go through all those years of ruling by religions and law. But we don’t need to do it anymore.

When you hurt someone you are just vibrating at a lower frequency. It doesn’t matter. Nothing really does (Freddy was right). You are just out of alignment. Now I hear you roaring already. How can you say that this suffering doesn’t matter? The experience of pain is very real. I agree. And there is a whole lot of it. It is quite excruciating witnessing and, for some, experiencing how horribly hurtful humankind can get. I am by no means denying that. The further away you are from the alignment to your true nature of creator, the more painful it gets.

But as painful as it is, it is not wrong.

Saying it is wrong is resisting to feel the pain, it is resisting to meet it with love. Yet love is the only element that will transform that pain into gold. So you are preventing yourself from the very thing you claim to seek.

It is not your fault, this is the way humanity has functioned for millennia. By saying it is wrong, you are doing just what you were taught. And it is very understandable: it is an attempt to save your own self. Morality was given a wrap of “holiness” and “righteousness”, but in my perspective, it is nothing but a coping mechanism: it allows you not to feel the pain that whatever harm is being done creates within you through empathy. Unfortunately, resisting to feel the pain actually creates more suffering. Our brains have been programmed for eons to resist the pain, because they have identified with it, precisely because we have forgotten who we are.

The truth is it is necessary to feel the pain, the truth is we have the power to feel the pain, and feeling the pain is actually the way back to remembering. When you allow yourself to really feel it, you realize you are not it, you are greater than it, you expand your consciousness to more of who you really are. AAAAAAnd there’s the gift.


* We are not going anywhere until we’re all going *

When people hurt others they are only hurting themselves, yes, and, everyone suffers from it. Because we are all One.

It is in everyone’s interest that each human remembers who we are.

But sometimes the best way to help someone remember is to not say anything and love them as they are with all their forgetting, all their fears. Because we simply cannot remember until we are ready to. Pushing through actually slows the process more than it accelerates it. Until one is ready to remember, our only duty, or power rather, is to feel our pain caused by their unconsciousness. For there is no “better than”, just as there is no right or wrong. Every level of consciousness is needed, is divine.

Feeling whatever pain arises is what we’re here for.

But forcing anyone to remember or resenting them for not remembering is wanting to fix it, it is saying it is wrong as it is, it is not accepting the pain within you that is caused by it.

We are being invited to love the moment WITH the pain.

And if there is resistance to the pain, we are being invited to love THAT.

Nothing is wrong. Just layers of the forgetting of who we are.

Rest, my love, and pierce through it all with Love.

You will know when you have received your gift.

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