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The Pleasure of the Now

The only moment that really exists is the Present Moment as it is perceived by you who will read this. That’s it. The past exists only in your memory, it isn’t really there, and the future, in your imagination.

And so, what is the only goal in life, the only aim, in fine, if not to enjoy the Now as much as possible given the circumstances, the memories present, the beliefs programmed, the traumas engrained, the talents available, the awareness, etc. ?

That’s it. It’s so simple. But that is it. The only aim is to find out how to find pleasure in the Now as much as possible.

All therapies, religions, art, philosophy, science, architecture, design, EVERY SINGLE profession, theory, culture, activity that exists, is only made for us to enjoy the Now as much as possible:

Therapy? To release old memories and traumas that are filtering our view on the world and our ability to create, so that we can feel good right now;

Religions? To trust that we are taken care of by a God, safe and loved, so that we