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The Orgasmic Life of Trees

I was standing on my parent’s balcony this morning, listening to the trees that majestically stand in their building’s courtyard garden. And they whispered to me a secret nobody knows…

The trees live an orgasmic life. Slow, and strong AF.

The wind tickles their leaves and they are in bliss. Their growth and expansion into the soil and out in the air as their trunk thickens feels so strengthening and empowering, it feels like ecstasy.

They are totally at one with the flow of Life, surrendering and taking all necessary actions to keep Life flowing and growing in the most aligned possible way. Nothing is ever wrong, no existential fears come up, it is not part of their encoded incarnated signature. It is not part of their destiny here. They are here to embody what it means to be totally and utterly in flow with Life, in all of its spiralling growth, with the seasons from birth to death to birth to death to birth to death.