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The higher octave

Dernière mise à jour : 19 déc. 2020

We are at a crossroads.

The choice we are being presented is not between left or right, or doing the “right” or “wrong” thing.

The choice has to do with our frequency.

Your frequency is determined by how you feel.

For example shame and guilt and fear are some of the lowest frequencies and joy love peace laughter are some of the highest.

But our feelings are like onions, there are layers to them. For example, in the sentence: I feel ashamed about feeling angry because of feeling trapped because of feeling afraid of judgment etc (it can go on and on).. The layers (going from the outside in) would be: Shame Anger Trapped Fear of judgment Etc..

In this world, it’s the outer layer of the onion of feelings that is prevalent and determines your frequency. But the issue is most humans are unaware of their outer layer. They will feel the second one (here: anger) but completely deny how they relate to that feeling (shame).

In other words, most humans will wrong themselves for feeling anything negative.

But that outer layer is precisely where the key resides: it is how you relate to your feelings that counts. Not your feelings per se.

If you feel that it’s totally valid and normal to feel angry because of feeling trapped because of feeling afraid of judgment etc etc, then your frequency is full acceptance (unconditional love). And your frequency rises.

The crossroads we are at is an invitation into high frequency living, which happens to be what aligns with the highest joy of All, and also, your emotions are always always always valid exactly as they are (what a beautiful coincidence, it’s as though it had been planned or something), isn’t that wonderful? The truth of your emotions leads to the joy of All. I mean…what?? I am constantly amazed by this world.

If you validate (and love your inner child through) a feeling of rage, you actually have a high frequency.

If you resist it and are judgmental or angry at the rage, then the frequency is low. Again, it’s all about how you relate to your emotion. Not the emotion in itself. That’s why it’s not about bypassing the “negative” emotions, it is about welcoming them all instead of labelling them as “wrong” or trying to fix them, like you’ve probably been taught to, and understandably.

That’s why this is a crossroads: do we change, or keep fearing our emotions? No choice is wrong here. But what I desire to say is that the choice IS fully yours. You do have the ability to choose what frequency you live in. You are not and never have been a victim to your feelings.

If you do choose to practice having a high frequency, the only thing you can do is practice bringing awareness and validating all of your emotions in the moment.

At first it may seem necessary to understand why we feel things and go to the center of the onion so that we can understand why we feel that second layer (here, anger), and then validate it, but you realize that that would actually mean your “self validation” is conditional… which doesn’t need to be true. You actually can drop the story altogether. It takes practice.

Acceptance of all that is transmutes, transcends, and alchemises low frequencies. It doesn’t mean your anger, sadness, shame, guilt go away, it means you love and accept them as they are for the powerful messengers they are.

That is what it means to keep your frequency high. Sometimes it’s very very messy and painful. But it is also ecstatic bliss because it is what is True in the Now.

Blissful alchemizing to those who choose to!

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