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Ready for the Crown (Corona)

Dernière mise à jour : 19 déc. 2020

You know when you go through a hardship and once it’s over and you’ve gone back to a calm state, you realize you’re a different person, that this hardship has changed you, that it has made you more compassionate, wiser, that something deep has changed you forever, has connected you more with who you truly are, with others, and you start living a life that is actually really simpler and truer and more beautiful now, because you find beauty in places you didn’t find it before? In those times, yes your life as you knew it has been broken into pieces, but somehow it seems as though the pieces have been glued back together with gold, just like in the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi. Somehow the vase of your life looks even more beautiful now with the cracks of gold. The same cracks through which the light shines in Leonard Cohen’s song Anthem…

Well, this is what is happening. When you’re in the middle of the hardship, you don’t see the beautiful vase with golden cracks. All you want is what you’ve known so far: the vase being in one piece. There is no way you can fathom the beauty that will be yours once all the hardship has passed. And that’s okay. That’s meant to be, too.

These pandemic times will revolutionize humanity in a way that most cannot fathom yet, but that are beyond beautiful.

Humanity is functioning on old beliefs of scarcity and fear right now, and it takes purging it out, which is a painful process, to let the new one grow.

At this time we are being forced to face things that we were constantly escaping until now. Family members are being forced to live in proximity when they had tons of things keeping them apart most of the day. Businesses are closing down when before they occupied most of people’s precious time. All the fears and frustrations are building up, so much so that it’s hard not to feel them anymore.

I would like to say that I feel it, more than you can imagine. I know it is hard.

But please remember this: the human lives that will come out of this will be transformed in a way that goes beyond our wildest dreams. We have to trust the process.

Honestly, did you actually like the way humanity functioned until now? All the systems in place right now that are just obsolete and destructive? The waste of resources, the waste of energy, the dysfunction in just about everything from school systems to financial distribution and health systems to technology invasion..? Many wonderful things have been created, but we were building on top of a shaky foundation! This is a time set aside for us to rebuild the foundations. To recalibrate our Why. Our intentions behind all of those creations, and therefore our ways of creating them. Our knowledge of how to rebuild isn’t lost. We will rebuild, but from truer foundations. Right now things simply can’t function in a sustainable way.

What if the answers were where we least expected them? What if they resided in slowing way down, in finding joy where we didn’t think it was possible to before?

Well now we are being forced to do so. To slow way down. To look within. To maybe slowly realize all the things we actually already have in the emptiness of our non-doingness. To maybe realize that running after the answers outside of ourselves prevented us from finding them inside, where they had been waiting all along. To realize that the answers are in more of the being and less of the doing.

All the uncomfortable feelings (fear of not being safe, frustration, etc..) we spend our days distracting ourselves from, by do-do-doing in order to get the very peace and safety that we think we will get, but that we will actually ONLY find if we turn within and BE with the uncomfortable feelings, well they are calling for our attention in an unmistakable way now.

These are feelings that every human has always had from an early age, some might call them inner children, and we kept repressing them, distracting ourselves from them, with our jobs, with the people we were seeing, with our activities, with the money that was pretending to make us safe. What if safety had nothing to do with money, but rather with our mindset?

Maybe the dog can stop chasing its own tail now. Maybe it has exhausted all of its energy. Maybe it’s time to stop and turn within, where everything we truly needed always has been, waiting for us to see. Maybe it’s time to let all that we already have within us finally blossom… And hold each other in the mutation process, call each other in the process, and say we’re here, present for each other in the process of diving into ourselves. Because it’s hard. It’s deep. But we can do it. We have so much more power than we think.

We are called to be the parents to our own inner children right now.

The corona virus is touching everyone regardless of color, ethnicity, wealth, gender, it is inviting every single human on earth to face the things that we were pushing away and distracting ourselves from, but that we needed to face in order to become a truer version of ourselves.

Corona means crown, the symbol of Royalty. Isn’t it synchronistic that we are invited to be emotionally sovereign? And in eastern philosophy the crown chakra is the one that speaks of the Unity of All. Isn’t it synchronistic that this virus is uniting all of us? We are all connected, to each other, and to something so much greater, making us innately safe by design.

What if we were all being invited to face our fears of not being safe right now, because that is the only way that the truth of our innate inner safety can rise?

When you think about it, when was it ever completely safe to be alive? Was there ever a time that it wasn’t deadly dangerous to live? What if we were forced right now to allow the uncertainty of life to actually BE, and to fall in love with it in a deeper way than ever? The way I see it, this pandemic is an invitation to the greatest mission of our lives: releasing any illusion that we might have any control over anything. In truth, we don’t, and it’s high time we stopped lying to ourselves about it. The ones who have dared to trust keep saying it in so many different ways, and I join them in saying that the beauty and bliss of surrendering control are beyond what you can imagine. It allows inner Trust to be birthed. A trust in who we are, in our ability to overcome anything that is presented to us. It is ecstatic freedom.

But we need situations like these to get there. This is a universal invitation to surrender. And it is tough, but you have no idea the light that is waiting for us on the other side.

I am truly excited for the Kintsugi vase that humanity is co-creating right now. A new Earth, more true, more loving, more compassionate, more conscious of the importance of being with one’s feelings, a safer Earth.

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