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Ready for the Crown (Corona)

You know when you go through a hardship and once it’s over and you’ve gone back to a calm state, you realize you’re a different person, that this hardship has changed you, that it has made you more compassionate, wiser, that something deep has changed you forever, has connected you more with who you truly are, with others, and you start living a life that is actually really simpler and truer and more beautiful now, because you find beauty in places you didn’t find it before? In those times, yes your life as you knew it has been broken into pieces, but somehow it seems as though the pieces have been glued back together with gold, just like in the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi. Somehow the vase of your life looks even more beautiful now with the cracks of gold. The same cracks through which the light shines in Leonard Cohen’s song Anthem…

Well, this is what is happening. When you’re in the middle of the hardship, you don’t see the beautiful vase with golden cracks. All you want is what you’ve known so far: the vase being in one piece. There is no way you can fathom the beauty that will be yours once all the hardship has passed. And that’s okay. That’s meant to be, too.

These pandemic times will revolutionize humanity in a way that most cannot fathom yet, but that are beyond beautiful.

Humanity is functioning on old beliefs of scarcity and fear right now, and it takes purging it out, which is a painful process, to let the new one grow.

At this time we are being forced to face things that we were constantly escaping until now. Family members are being forced to live in proximity when they had tons of things keeping them apart most of the day. Businesses are closing down when before they occupied most of people’s precious time. All the fears and frustrations are building up, so much so that it’s hard not to feel them anymore.