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Know thy bliss, and live it.

I came back to Paris last year, after 3 years in LA. And wow I had weirdly somehow missed the French skepticism. After hating it with every fiber of my being I am starting to see the blessing in it. The thiner the door, the more focused the beam of truth that can pass through it becomes. And of course I understand it. Of course I do. Who knows who can be trusted anymore, who knows what’s true what isn’t, who really knows what needs to be done to effectively make a change in the world, and limit or reverse the damage that has been done on the planet, or in our everyday lives?

Well, this is for the skeptics and the curious. I have a suggestion: what if the answer was You? What if there actually was nothing to do before first finding stillness in your body?

This uncertainty, this fear, this desire to control what comes in and what stays out, is it truly the way we desire to live?

World update: it is not wrong. But it is also not necessary to live in guilt, shame, and blame anymore, it is not necessary to be driven by fear, comparison, and obligation anymore. Not only regarding the damage in our world situation, but in any and every area of our lives (in truth, they are all linked).

Humans are (literally) evolving to the next stage, something of the same caliber as Enlightenment in the 18th century, and that is why you can feel it in you… I am sure you have experienced how meaningless money feels when it buys you things you can’t share with loved ones, or how unsuccessful your achievements feel when you’re feeling burnt out and a little depressed at the end of it. Bliss is the new currency, connection to your vital force and inner power to heal anything is the new currency, mastery of the art of coming back to your center and inner serenity is the new currency. That is the new wealthy. The reward has become internal.

The past is what it is, and it has seen tremendous evolution as well as having been quite dramatically ugly at times. Whatever it was, we get to break the cycle and create a new future, now. Because, clearly it is not working for us anymore, be it the food industry, tech industry, medical industry, educational system, the military system, the police system, the place of culture in society, extreme polarization of genders, extreme polarization of wealth, racism etc…

But the change we wish to see won’t happen by fearing the past.

Only by upgrading to a knowingness of who we truly are so deep that the past cannot stain us, will we evolve.

This is about finally remembering who we truly are, and meeting with the freedom, power, trust, love (ultimately immortality) that we have always wanted. When you think about it, wanting those things is the reason fear exists: the fear of being trapped, the fear of being forced to do things against our will, the fear of pain, the fear of not being loved, (ultimately the fear of death).

The paradigm we have been living in for the last centuries is one where we do what we can to provide those qualities for ourselves from doing, making, and hoping it will come to us from outside of ourselves, through technology, industry, agriculture, education, etc.… always with some form of explorative manipulation of the outside world to get what we want.

It has clearly burnt us, and the planet, out.

But here’s the wonderful news: there is a way to find those things (freedom, power, trust, love, and ultimately a form of immortality) within us. It has to do with optimizing our access to our vital force (that bio-electricity that runs through us) in many different ways and aspects of our human lives, and facing the things we once feared thanks to the new strength it gives us.

The unprecedented times we are witnessing right now are just the beginning of the transformation, which by the way is happening with or without your consent…

Many people are here to guide us through this.

Nothing we have done in the past is wrong. It was part of our evolution as humans. We get to step into the next stage now, is all. One where all we desire is found within us, because we remember the bliss we seek is Who We Are.

In other words, of course we don’t want to die, we’re conceived not to, of course we want freedom, of course we don’t want to be manipulated, trapped or conditioned.

But what if I told you that by letting your fear of those things guide you (which is hugely justifiable given our history of inquisition, holocaust and corruption as humans), you are actually unknowingly being conditioned, trapped, and manipulated into a way of life that is slowly but surely killing you?

The way we have lived in the past is guiding us straight towards extinction, ask any bio scientist. It is not wrong. Life will return, after a while. Nothing is really lost, everything just transforms. But if we desire to keep existing as humans, a new paradigm is our only chance at it. And the best part is, unlike what our minds were trained to think, it is not necessary to live like that anymore: driven by fear, guilt, shame, blame, and all the very subtle ways in which these can sneak into our daily lives.

It even creeps into the field of “sustainable living”. That’s how sneaky smart it is.

Here’s the thing: the sustainability of all is the sustainability of one. We will not attain sustainability on earth out of guilt of ruining the planet. Guilt is not a sustainable feeling to remain in continuously. Only love is.

The equilibrium of all, peace between people, optimized use of resources for continuous abundance (which earth was conceived to provide) can happen and it can only happen if we each intend to reach equilibrium within ourselves first.

The power to transform is here, waiting for you.

(side note: it always has been, but the humans who knew that and tried to guide us there were killed along the way. We just weren’t ready as a collective, that’s okay, we are now.)

The Quantum Chrysalis School – know thy bliss and live it – will be here precisely as a reference guide for this never-seen-before-on-earth transformation that we are here to experience together right now.

The wonderful news is that power, beauty, grace and bliss are awaiting on the other side.

The question is: how deeply do you desire it? Because there’s a dark chrysalis tunnel to get through before you can fly, and that desire will be your light at the end of it, guiding you.

Grateful to be here.

Rafaëlle Cohen

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