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I Am Alchemy.

Dernière mise à jour : 19 déc. 2020

I am not my body, my talents, my personality, my fears, my opinions, my doubts. I am not my shame, my darkness, my density, my apparent separation from the rest of the world.

I am not my soul – unconditional formless love, either.

I am the activity of my separate pieces integrating back together.

I am my soul holding my doubts. I am the activity of my fragmented parts being glued back together into wholeness. I am the activity of remembering my wholeness.

I am the oneness holding the one.

I am constantly changing – just like the moment.

I am the dance between the forgetting and the remembering – of my wholeness.

The remembering is always there available but it cannot happen without the forgetting.

I am my awareness bringing my shadow into the light. I am the power to make the light rise from the darkest of darknesses.

I am not one or the other I am the activity of both of them merging.

And that activity resides in every Now, in my body: the temple for rediscovery of sensation

That activity is what we call transmutation. Alchemy.

I am Alchemy.

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