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Holier than thou

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Do you think some things are holier than others? That some aspects of this life are closer to the ultimate Truth than others?

I can hear the angels laughing.

I have to remind myself of this regularly: although some things seem convincingly truer than others, ultimately, everything is just a holographic experience, an illusion, an invention, a non-truth. It feels very real, and we're in it precisely for that, there's no bypassing and denying that. But when you think about it, ultimately, the true Truth cannot be told, or perceived! Because everything that can be perceived has an opposite, therefore it cannot be absolute truth. The only absolute truth is what has no opposites or variations; therefore it cannot be named or perceived. We are living in a world of a certain space-time dimension, where things can be perceived and named. These things, the elements of this world cannot impact what is eternally within the void of no space/no time: the only absolute truth. So we get to lighten up here. No wonder Buddha is laughing too!

A tree, a bird, a panther, a memory, a thirst, your lovability, you (your very existence)… those are words, they have opposites, or variations, they are never absolute. And so they are ALL holy and true.

There are therefore no illusions that are truer than others. It is not absolutely truer or holier or better to go into nature than to stay in the city, to use a bike than to use a fuel gassed car, to listen to 432Hz music than 440Hz music, to be me than to be you or the other way around… for the invention of morality, maybe, for the spiritual egos out there - which I catch myself being often - sure. The mind has indeed invented that notion that some things are moral and others aren’t. That certain things are better than others, holier than others.

But guess what? That is precisely what keeps us stuck in a loop where those so called “amoral” things keep existing. Isn’t it fun? I suggest you read that again.

Everything has its right place for one person at one certain moment, and it can be completely different in the next. Yes nature holds codes that the city doesn't, yes certain areas of the earth have high frequencies that facilitate our inner connection and the shifts into higher frequencies, yes, AND, nobody gets to tell you what is truer for you in this now. Only you can decide that.