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My name is Rafaëlle Cohen and I am part of the Jewish people. Thankfully my family never resonated with any dogmatic ways of living, there weren’t rules regarding our judaism, just invitations. We were always about honoring the traditions in a celebratory way, more so to enjoy beautiful moments with our grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles than anything else. However, I greatly appreciate that my father transmitted me the pleasure in discovering the meanings behind these traditions. I absolutely love to dive into the stories of the Torah and look for a message, an insight, a key to human life I hadn’t seen before.

I believe the Torah is a channeled text full of keys, hidden there for humans to reflect on and live by (the Kabbalah’s purpose is to decipher them). I personally love to tune in to the stories of the Torah and inquire my own personal built-in Kabbalah: my intuitive reading. And when I listen carefully, I discover a myriad of clues, deep keys for humanity. All different aspects of the one and only message: We Are Oneness.

Two days ago, Pessah started: the story of Moses, the story of Liberation. So I did what I always do: I shone the message of Light into the prism of the Exodus story, and these are the colours that came out:

So it is said: “Yesterday we were slaves in Egypt, tomorrow we will be free in Israël”.

For me the story of Pessah is actually a metaphor for something that happens to every single human in every single moment.

Most of us humans, whether we are aware of it or not, have been slaves to an inner Pharaoh for centuries, just like in the story. And who is that Pharaoh, that inner Egypt of ours, if not the fears that do not serve us anymore, the wounded ego, the conditionings, the limiting beliefs that we inherited, or acquired through trauma, the unconscious painful behavioural patterns we can’t seem to get out of, things that we DO NOT NEED anymore and yet that somehow seem to rule our lives, making decisions for us, thus keeping us in internal slavery.

Another way of seeing being slaves in Egypt, completely tied to the