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The Art of Remembrance


Spend a moment out of time and into your inner realms, on a journey of words and sounds with Rafaëlle.  

Starting Wednesday October 18th 7pm CEST - 10am PST

via Zoom


Weekly sensory meditations, vocal sound baths and talks on being human, the quantum laws, and the enchanted mystery of life.


A space to slow down, attune to ourselves, and revel in the vibrational prayer of our cells.



€25 - 45min/1 hour

You can join anytime, leave anytime, come back anytime, no subscriptions.


The online doors will be open weekly for as long as it feels aligned for me.

Bring a pillow.

Rafaëlle was highly trained as an engineer and architect in some of the best European colleges. At 25, though, she veered towards an acting, singing and dancing career on stage & on screen. After interpreting many beautiful roles internationally, working with some of the most renowned film directors and music composers of our time, she slowly awakened to her immense inner suffering and remembered a deeper calling that would change her life completely,

once again.

She dedicated the last 7 years of her life to studying and researching the universal system of this quantum world, the mystery of alchemy and healing, and the power of sovereignty within human beings - as she practiced and integrated new neural wirings, her subtle gifts started to come on line

She now offers guidance and channeled vibrational transmissions privately and in group circles & retreats around the world. One of Rafaëlle’s most precious gifts is to translate inexplainable truths from higher dimensional realms into humanly understandable concepts, while also letting the mystery sing itself through her voice, presence and words. It is said that there is deep healing and timeless essences imprinted in the vibration she carries.

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