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You are a multidimensional expression of Grace.


VOICE Activation & Healing Transmissions

Light Language Transmissions

Oneness & Universal Laws Teachings

Feminine & Masculine Sacred Embodiment 

Subtle Alchemy (working with emotions)

Intuitive Akashic Guidance

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Rafaëlle guides the guides of this world, the intuitive healers, the shamans, the spiritual teachers. She uses sound and potent intuitive transmissions of clair-cognizant knowing to guide her clients through the storm, mirroring them in love, shedding light on the blind spots, while holding them in a deeply loving container.

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All the answers are already within YOU.
I'm here to help you find them.
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Upcoming Event

A 3-DAY Vibrational Experience


Private / Group AKASHIC Reading

Are you a guide, a healing practitioner, an energy worker, an intuitive creator, a spiritual teacher experiencing doubts or a situation you are having difficulty moving through? Are you feeling a little (or a lot) stuck on your path, like you are missing some form of information to move forward? Do you need a mirroring grounded in love? The way I work is I connect to the information that is held in your body as a frequency, and from the highest, most loving perspective, the Oneness perspective, I translate the messages wishing to come through for you. I will share any intuitive insights coming through in the light of all the systems and practices I have deeply studied and developed over the last 10 years (all things feminine embodiment, subtle alchemy practices, human design, universal laws, ...). The session includes highly activating and healing sound transmissions of voice and light language.

The Akashas are “the substance of the void”, formless yet encoded with waves of memories, of knowledge. This substance is at the core of who we are and lives within each of us. All the information of the past and the possibilities of the future are there. It is an access to a high perspective, the One that sees everything, here to illuminate in love what is happening in the now moments of our lives.

1h  -  €180   /   for groups: 2,5h - €45/pers. 

VOICE & LIGHT LANGUAGE Vibrational Healing Transmission

Private  &  Group 

Receive the melody of your soul.

In this live transmission, I attune to your aura and channel the melody your body needs to receive in the moment. It is a deeply healing vibrational field, completely adaptogen, and specifically made for you. It offers a field of resonance that realigns your electromagnetic aura to its highest potential. It also has the power of activating your voice. I can do this privately or in group settings.

Sound is an extremely powerful tool for healing, for the activation of the harmonic field that is at the source of your existence. It allows for blockages to be undone, and the circulation of qi to flow freely. Rafaëlle's vibrations come into resonance to the frequency of your soul so that it awakens within you. It will also activate your voice, your ability to sing freely. Even if none of these words resonate with you, your body will know what to do with it. The mind does not intervene at all in this session.

30min - €90   /   for groups: please contact me  

Rafaëlle offers Voice & Light Language Transmissions for FREE to assist people transitioning (end of life) or new born babies (including those meeting some difficulties), simply state this in your message when you book.

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"Everything you perceive comes from you.

Nothing exists outside of you.

It is the frequency you vibrate at, that determines the quality of everything you create (perceive).

It can be a difficult process to shift one's paradigm and understanding of the world to this knowing.

I went through this transformation, and it was hard. It was deep. It was dark. 

But on the other side, I found bliss.


Now I'm here to illuminate the dark for the guides, to sing the song of Remembrance for the hyper sensitive souls, and the transforming humans who seek support in their chrysalis. "

Client & Audience Love

Receiving my Gene Key reading with Rafaelle​ was a profoundly enriching and activating experience. I have received human design and astrology readings before, but nothing felt this accurate and aligned to my individual experience. 


It allowed me to understand that certain aspects of how I live were not in fact “wrong” or “trauma” patterns which I would use to shame and guilt myself with, but rather it was my gift that I was here to bring to the world. 


These realizations which were masterfully communicated to me by ​R​afaelle, activated a new aliveness and purposefulness in my way of living, which has given me deep permission. 


I felt deeply seen and understood by Rafaelle, her words, and the care she exudes. It was a beautifully nourishing experience and I highly recommend this to everyone who is wanting to understand more of their life’s blueprint. 


Dear Rafaëlle, infinite gratitude to you for everything you made me feel understand and live in such a short time, thank you for guiding me, your love, your light and your power allowed me to begin to recognize this life in me and to integrate it and live it fully these last days, with many gifts of life, through spontaneous encounters and freedom in the present moment. I am in transformation and what you allowed me to initiate is on the way, it is enormous so thank you to you, with all my heart and with all my gratitude and love!

Caroline R

I had an Akashic Records reading with Rafaelle few months ago and I am still very moved by it. It was such a Deep Energetic Transmission like I have never experienced before. 

I could address and receive healing for issues that I have been dealing with my whole life. It helped me to get to the core of my beliefs that are holding me back from living my Highest Potential. After the session I felt like a new born person and I still do. 

I am beyond grateful for this otherworldly and life-changing experience. Rafaelle is an incredible channel, very powerful, generous, compassionate and highly intuitive! I've never received healing on such a Deep Soul level. 

I felt a great sense of Peace and feelings of Unconditional Love. I'm still in a state of Awe and Immense Gratitude for Rafaelle's gift to access such High Frequency perspective!

Ewelina B

That was truly a gift from the heavens...

Your singing is sublime, the essence of everyone’s soul fully clear... Thank you.

Schirin C-D

If you are looking for an incredible songstress for a vocal alchemy session this beauty is your angel... I've been witness as well as have received and let me tell you... you'll never be the same.

Stacey C

Rafaëlle's voice is so precise, it operates like a laser beam on your soul, to activate exactly what needs to be.

Kelly A

Your voice is magnificent and it does something inexplicable to me, it makes me feel in love.

David G

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